You know you are on a fad diet when you are restricted to just one food item all day.  Actually surprisingly easy to follow, though.  Made 3 hard-boiled eggs first thing and took them to work.  Usually I don’t get hungry on a morning till about 9.30, whether I’ve had breakfast or not.  I think it’s best to work with your body rather than against it, so I just waited till then to have my three eggs.  Quite filling, but runny.  Normally a runny white would turn my stomach and put me off but as this is all I’m going to get, I pour off the runny stuff and man the rest down.

Didn’t feel I wanted lunch till about 1pm, which is pretty late for me.  If I haven’t already eaten all my lunch by 10am I’m usually watching the clock waiting for 12:00 so I can tuck in.  Anyway, nipped home and had three fried eggs at 1.30pm.  Only used one teaspoon of oil in a cast iron frying pan for all three, so though not ideal, not bad.

Dinner time I just wasn’t hungry, amazingly, completely unlike normal.  Fried three eggs at 9pm just because I thought I should rather because I needed to eat.  Made a nice lemon drink to go with dinner, one lemon squeezed in a pint of sparkling mineral water.  Had two pints and didn’t miss the usual bottle of wine at all.  Made a huge fruit salad ready for tomorrow and looking forward to my steak already.