Last day of the diet. Fried egg sandwich was the closest I could keep to the plan for breakfast this morning, before we headed on home. Stopped off at another beach spot for lunch on the way and I had ham salad as we didn’t pack any pre-made fruit salad. Wife and mother-in-law had home cooked English breakfasts and huge doorstep baguette sandwiches at lunchtime so I think I’m exercising great restraint. Every time I opened a cupboard I could smell the fresh bread, driving me nuts. Dinner; as we missed out on a meal out yesterday, I said I would take them out for dinner tonight instead now we are home. Ok this is going to be difficult. Well lamb chops with salad was not on the menu surprisingly, so I ordered roast beef. There was a Yorkshire pudding and lovely gravy and three veg, so not really on-plan but I did leave the roast potatoes and only drank mineral water. Could have been a lot worse.