Vital statistics:

Before: After:
Chest: 45” 44”
Waist: 44” 42”
Hips: 41” 41”
Weight: 96.2kg 90.2kg

How was it for me? Well mostly pretty good actually. Lost two inches off my waist and 6 kilos in weight, that’s a smidge over 13 pounds and almost a stone in English money. Good going for only two weeks, I thought.
This diet suited me and I found it reasonably easy to stick to, easier than I thought. No diet is easy, though. Don’t get me wrong, this was a challenge, but one I feel I conquered. It worked for me for several reasons;
• It is simple, you just eat what you are told
• There was no weighing of food or calculating points or calories
• I liked the high protein aspect. Steak, salmon, lamb chops etc are all treats for me.

The prescriptive nature meant there was no room for bargaining with yourself. On a more flexible plan you might try to justify why you could have an ice cream now if you trade something later. With this, you just stick to the plan, or else you know you have gone off the diet. I did miss bread and chips a bit, but not massively and I certainly never craved carbohydrate.
Would I change anything, well only two things really. Day one, week one, the egg day, was oddly OK. I think the body doesn’t know what hit it. The instant and noticeable weight loss the next morning is massively encouraging, OK, so I know deep down in my heart it is mathematically improbable that the 1.8kg I lost in a day can all be fat. Most of it must be water, but it never goes back on no matter what you drink and it really does spur you on. But the thing I’d change is I wouldn’t do that egg day again on week 2. I’d just do a copy of day 5 on the second Monday; something like ham salad for lunch and fish for dinner. Egg day is OK to kick start the plan and make your body change gear, but in the second week you don’t need to do that, just keep going with what it has got used to. The second thing I’d change is Black Thursday. No protein at lunch on Day 4 means you are weak, tired and hungry at dinnertime and three eggs on toast is just not satisfying. I wasn’t craving carbs and didn’t need the toast. I’d replace Day 4 with a copy of any of Days 2, 3, 5, or 7.
I’d like to say, “This diet changed my life”, but only time will prove that. As the two weeks have gone on I’ve done a bit more research into what this diet is, what is going on with your body and why it works. It is basically a low carbohydrate, low fat and high protein diet. I would like to keep that going for the future as it seems to suit me. For the most part I was satisfied with every meal, didn’t feel hungry, didn’t crave anything. Sure it’s hard giving up the other stuff, but it is do-able. One of the things I am most pleased with is that is seems to have given me willpower. I can say, “No!” to things. I can watch other people eat foods I would normally have pigged out on and abstain, maintaining a steely resolve and the self-assurance I’m doing the right thing for my body. Is this the new me? I hope so. I want to continue with a modified plan based on this one until I get my body back, the one that’s hiding under all the excess fat. Time will tell, I’ll keep you posted…