Kind of stuck loosely to the spirit of the diet this week, without actually following any day of the plan. Felt I really needed to boost the fibre as was feeling a bit … can I say the C-word? OK, constipated, to tell the truth. Didn’t suffer from that on the two weeks, but now in the aftermath. So, swapped the morning’s egg for prunes and zero fat yoghurt. Mostly had ham salads or fruit salads for lunch and grilled meat, tomatoes and salads for dinner. A couple of transgressions but don’t want to waste all that effort by returning to bad habits. Had lunch out one day, nothing remotely slimming on the menu so had venison faggots on mashed potato with some kind of sauce and caramalised onions and half a pint of beer. It was OK, but not worth the half a kilo my weight went up the next morning.

Friday and Saturday I went off-piste pretty bad. Friday night the wife was out and staying over. I had a perfectly good, on-plan steak and salad dinner, but I drank most of a bottle of wine with it. Not so good. Then chased that down with a couple of large whiskies and then I really got the uncontrollable munchies. Hunted through all the cupboards looking for something to satisfy a monster craving. Found a 1lb Christmas pudding and ate that with some cream that was in the fridge, oh boy. Confession is good for the soul, but not going to help my heart unless I learn from the mistake – DON’T DRINK TOO MUCH!
Been missing my pizza, so decided to have it on Saturday night. I always make my own, and had a half-hearted attempt at being good by making them a bit smaller than usual. I enjoyed it but it was still too much really. Woke up in the middle of the night feeling uncomfortable. This is a good thing. Taught me a lesson. I think my stomach has shrunk a bit and I can be satisfied with less. All that carbohydratey dough base and the fatty cheese and pepperoni, my body is just not used to that anymore and didn’t know what had hit it so it was complaining. If I do it again I should make them half the size and serve with a salad. Can it be done? Can I make a small pizza and still enjoy it? Can you even eat pizza on a diet or is it best avoided in case it sets you off down the slippery slope? Maybe it can be a once a month treat, certainly not once a week, but right now I’m thinking never again. Shame.

I had maintained my weight at 90.2kg all week except after the lunch out and it went up to 90.7. Back down to 90.2 the next day. However my disgusting over-indulgence at the weekend rocketed it up to 92.0kg. Carbs are gonna get ya!

I really should have made a proper plan for this week, but didn’t seem to have a suitable opportunity to work one out. But as it’s 5am on Sunday morning and I’ve been awake for two hours suffering from pizza overload, now could be a good time.

Postscript: Pulled it back to 91.0 kg with a very sober Sunday.