Having done the Commando Diet two week plan and survived it, thought I should summarise my tips for your best chance of completing the course. These are the things that worked for me.

  • Print out the plan and stick it up on a kitchen cupboard so you know what meals are coming up.
  • Plan ahead.  Get your shopping in for the plan ahead of time so you always have the right stuff available, no excuse for improvisation.
  • Buy the best quality food.  You will actually enjoy your meals and feel satisfied.  Looking forward to the good stuff you are going to have helps get over those low points.  You are only eating a limited amount of food so make it the best, you’re worth it.
  • Stick to the plan as close as possible.  This built my willpower as I got used to saying no to extras.  The diet becomes the norm.  You will be rewarded with better weight loss.
  • Buy lots of lemons and sparkling mineral water.  Drink plenty.  One to two litres of sparkling mineral water through the day keeps hunger at bay.  Squeeze half a lemon into a pint of sparkling mineral water for a refreshing drink in the evenings, drink one or two of these.  Cuts down the desire for alcohol and more food.  Cleansing for the body.  Keep a half litre bottle of water in the car and/or your bag so you are never without.
  • Do not drink alcohol.  Tough but you can do it.  Alcohol weakens your resolve and increases your appetite.
  • Delay having breakfast until you are hungry, don’t just eat by the clock.  The later you can have breakfast and lunch, the longer you will go towards dinner without cravings.
  • Don’t be put off by side effects.  You will get them, but they mean the diet is working, stick with it.
  • Choose eggs over grapefruit for breakfast.  That protein really does keep you feeling satisfied for longer.  Oh, and the perfect hard-boiled egg takes 12 minutes.  Ten minutes from cold up to the boil and two minutes on the simmer.