Day 13 Saturday, 90.5kg

Cycled about 5 miles into the local seaside town and met up with wife and mother-in-law who caught the bus. No breakfast first and we went into café for lunch about noon. I was pretty good I thought, stuck to two eggs on toast while they had full English breakfasts. Had a pot of tea with milk. Milk, yes I know, getting pretty wild. Enjoyed the tea very much, but guess what, the eggs were overcooked with hard yolks. No! When it’s all you can have you want them to be nice. Wimped out of cycling back and caught the bus back with them, nice bus driver let me take my bike onboard. Dinner; decided against going out to eat tonight as the buses don’t run in the evening, mother-in-law can’t walk and I didn’t want to decamp the motorhome. So, roast pork with dauphinoise potatoes and vegetables – er, not for me though. I lit a barbecue and grilled a steak while watching the sun set over the sea. Had barbecued tomatoes and the usual celery and cottage cheese. Holding out pretty well I thought, except I did have a glass of delicious Australian Shiraz watching the sunset, and three more with the steak. What can I say? I kind of knew it would happen.


Day 12 Friday, 90.9kg

So, no weight loss again then?

We were a little bit later than planned getting away in the motorhome this morning, so just managed to have my freshly cooked hard-boiled egg before we left at 10am. And it was just about perfect, huzzah! Was rushing around trying to get ready whilst making it but I think it was just 2 minutes on the boil, same from-cold technique as before. All the eggsperimenting has paid off. Very late lunch because didn’t arrive at our destination until 2.30pm. Ham salad for lunch at 3pm, no hungrier than you would expect going this long. Cycled about 6 miles exploring the local area. Griddled salmon, tomatoes and salad for dinner, while my wife and mother-in-law had the salmon but with potatoes and veg. Did have three glasses of luscious chardonnay to go with it though, well I am on holiday. Boy I enjoyed that wine with the fish, first alcohol for two weeks.

Day 11 Thursday, 90.9kg

Lost a whopping 200 grams, whoop-de-do. Never mind, soldier on. PMA. Egg for breakfast, OK, “empty” salad for lunch Ok as far as it goes. Afternoon – tired. Finished off a major piece of coding today about 4pm. Started on something new but was just struggling to concentrate, gave up at 4.30 and went home. Boy I’m tired. Also hungry. Probably have an early tea tonight, my 3 eggs on toast. Thursdays are so hard. Mondays too. The other days are absolutely fine.
I’ve planned a weekend away in the motorhome, this weekend with the wife and mother-in-law. Decided to take tomorrow off and head away early to make more time of it, as we have to be back for 3pm on Sunday. Don’t know how my diet is going to hold while we are away. As it’s just the last couple of days of the two weeks I’m already considering some slippage. We are aiming for a meal out on Saturday night, could go for steak which is on-plan but do I try and stick rigidly or say sod-it and enjoy a full meal and maybe wine? Why am I talking about this now, I’m not there yet. Feel I’m faltering. Stupid Black Thursday.

Day 10 Wednesday, 91.1kg

Weight’s gone up. Gone up! You can not be serious! Oh well it’s only 100g grams that’s about the weight of half a cup of coffee. I do realise that although all fat is weight, not all weight is fat. So something else could be varying here. Positive Mental Attitude. If it’s a blip no problem, hope it’s not a trend. Usual egg for breakfast and lovely smoked mackerel salad for lunch. I think I’ve kind of acclimatised to this diet, I feel fine and I don’t feel hungry. I’d like to move on to a version of it after the two weeks, main thing I’d change are stupid Eggy Monday and of course Black Thursday. Lamb chops for dinner, excellent. Oh my God, it’s Black Thursday tomorrow 😦

Day 9 Tuesday, 91.0kg

Feel fine all day. Ever so slightly too hard-boiled egg for breakfast, delicious and satisfying large fruit salad for lunch. Normal kind of hungry at dinnertime, and felt I could last until after I made the wife a shepherd’s pie – didn’t faze me cooking it. Really delicious fillet steak for dinner, celery and cottage cheese is filling. Do you know, I don’t think I even thought about chips, just enjoyed what I had. My solar plexus muscles were really tight this evening before dinner, almost spasming or as if I had been doing sit-ups. As if! Weird, felt like my stomach was tightening up, sort of in a good way, like there’s 6-pack under there somewhere. Whilst thinking possible side effects I should mention the dry mouth. I have been drinking a lot of water on this diet. Usually between 1.5 and 2 litres at my desk during the day and two pints of lemon water of an evening. It’s not that I have a raging thirst it’s just that my mouth seems dry all the time. But I understand this is a common side effect of a low carb diet, apparently it’s a result of burning fat, a by-product of which is the body producing ‘ketones’, like I know what that is. Drinking loads of water is good for you and in this fat burning phase it helps flush out the ketones and other waste products. Side effects are good, it means there’s some effect.

Day 8 Monday, 91.9kg

Wot no weight loss? Disappointing. Am I plateauing? Never mind, today is Eggday that should see me losing again by tomorrow. Had a very early start today so cooked 6 hardboiled eggs last night to get them ready. Because there were 6 eggs in the pan instead of one it threw my timing off a bit. Had three for breakfast about 10.30, slightly too firm but still good. I’m never never gonna get these right. Had to go home at lunchtime anyway so decided to put my precooked eggs back in the fridge and make three fried ones instead. Fine.
Dinnertime. Well it’s been a long day. I am tired and hungry and not looking forward to just three eggs but I fry them and eat them about 7pm. Not really satisfied. Make a big fruit salad for the week ahead and sadly I slipped a bit, I was so craving something else I ate a two strawberries a couple of bits of pineapple and a piece of melon as I was prepping them up. That hit the spot and I felt a bit better. This was the first time I’ve hit a low I think since I started. Definitely don’t have last Monday’s enthusiasm. Still, feel OK now and it’s steak again tomorrow.

Day 7 Sunday 91.9kg

Smallest weight loss yet, but not surprising considering last night’s huge dinner. Didn’t feel hungry for breakfast until after 11am, so about 11.30 had a boiled egg followed by a bowl of fruit salad. Breakfast and lunch combined again. What is it about eggs that they refuse to cook properly. I brought this one up from cold to a simmer like I have been doing, simmered for three minutes gauged on yesterday’s 5 minute egg being just slightly too hard. Thinking that should be just soft, but no. Harder than Friday’s. Don’t understand. I need to be on this diet for two weeks to learn how to cook eggs.