My name’s Phil and I’m a fat bastard.

That’s how you start, isn’t it?  With a confession and admitting you have a problem.  I’ve seen them on the telly.

So, down to it.  I’m a computer programmer, which means I get out of bed, drive to work, sit at a desk for 8 hours, drive home, sit on the sofa, go to bed.  I’m 1.75m tall and weigh over 95kg which means my BMI is over 30 which means technically I’m obese, which means it’s time to do something about it.

I have dieted in the past with some success, I use the Hawkridge Diet.  You won’t have heard of it but it was developed by a doctor, it’s healthy, it’s balanced, it’s sustainable long term, and you will loose about 2lbs a week for as long as you stick with it.  This is not that diet.  If anyone ever asks, maybe I’ll write something about that later.  This is about the Commando Diet.  You can probably be pretty sure this diet has nothing to do The Royal Marine Commandos.  A Commando could not survive for long on this during training, there just is not enough calories in it.  Maybe it was given to the chubby civillians before they signed-up to lose weight quickly before first parade.  I don’t know, I couldn’t find the source.  It’s not unlike the “Mayo Clinic Diet” that didn’t come from The Mayo Clinic.  I found out about it like you do, a colleague at work mentioned it and then I looked it up on line.

You read day one, the egg day, and you go, “No way!”  But I looked a little closer and the rest of it is kind of a subset of the Hawkridge Diet, quite restricted but designed for rapid weight loss.  It basically cuts out those empty carbs and makes your body burn stored fat for energy instead.  It has a lot of critics that say it’s a fad and stupid and not sustainable.  But you also find comments from people for whom it worked and they lost a lot of weight.  It is not designed to be sustainable, it is designed to kick start your dieting.  You do it for one or two weeks and then move on to a proper balanced plan for the long term, like the Hawkridge Diet for example.  Sounds good to me.  I used the Hawkridge Diet for 4 weeks earlier this year and lost 8 pounds, going well, and then something happened that made me stop, you know the type of thing you get a cold, you go away for along weekend, whatever it is, and then you just don’t get back on the wagon.  Except that with me I’m straight back into the bad habits, too much booze, pizza, biscuits, you know the stuff, and the weight is all back on.

So starting Monday, I will be going Commando, hoping to kick start my way back to a healthier, trimmer, lighter me.  This will be my journey.